Homemade burgers!


500 g Minced beef

500 g Minced pork

3 tbs Breadcrumbs

1 Egg

3 Spring onions finely chopped

1-2 Red jalepeno chilli peppers finely chopped

1 ts Salt

1/2 ts Garlic powder

Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Homemade burgers!

Uploaded by:   Nik Sinclair

Date uploaded:   Wednesday 2nd July, 2014

Condiment used:   Hot banana ketchup


Serves 4

Cobine all ingredients in a large bowl and scrunch with your hands until well mixed. Divide in to 4 and shape in to patties.

Either fry or BBQ and serve in a bun with smoked cheese, pineapple slices and hot banana ketchup!

Easy as that!


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